India's Biggest Ever Open Source Event

15-16 December 2018; Kstart Capital, Whitefield, Bengaluru, INDIA

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About Hackference

At Hackference we are aiming to provide a hacking and networking platform by bringing people from a multitude of organisations,educational backgrounds ,belonging to different stratas of society for a whole new arena of excitement,coding and sheer brilliance. And at what cost, Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing! Its a deliquescent combination of Hackathon, DevRelCon and Hiring Fair, that serves to every kind of aspirations. Admission to Hackference is completely free, thanks to our sponsors! We'll provide you with a weekend's worth of schwag, meals, drinks, snacks and a place to crash when you need a break from coding.


An event aiming at the assimilation of developers advocates of multiple organisations, sharing their knowledge and experiences.


An event, typically lasting several days, in which a large number of people meet to engage in collaborative computer programming.

Hiring Fair

A venue where the employer will witness the work of the foreseeable employees, and the attendees will be able to choose the track and companies they see fit.

Hackference India 2018 Roadmap

Hackference is here for you! Kindly check the event timeline to know about the event futhermore

  1. The Beginning Point September 15th, 2018
  2. Registrations Open! October 26th, 2018
  3. Mentor Registrations Open October 28th, 2018
  4. Last day to Register for Stage 1 (Hackathon) November 20th, 2018 - 11:55 PM
  5. Stage 2 (Hackathon) Commencement November 21st, 2018
  6. Stage 2 Submission (Hackathon) & DevRel Conf Registration Deadline November 26th, 2018 - 11:55 PM
  7. Last day to confirm presence at Hackference India 2018 December 5th, 2018
  8. HACKFERENCE - Day 1 December 15th, 2018
  9. HACKFERENCE - Day 2 December 16th, 2018

DevRel Conf Speakers

Julia Aslamova


The Power of Developer Community


Karthik Padmanabhan

DevRel Lead - India & MENA-T

Why a Brand needs a Developer Advocate

Karan M.V.

India Outreach Manager

Building strategy around Developer Communities

Felipe Aragao

Global VP - Analytics

Fireside Chat with AbinBev

Atul Khekade

Co-Founder & Head of Ecosystem Development

Blockchain Ecosystem in India

Subhendu Panigrahi

Co-Founder and CEO

The UX of Developer Experience

Aravind Putrevu

Developer Advocate

Successful Open Source Community Story

Hackathon Speakers

Ronan Gaeti

AB inBev
Global Director - GCC

Utsav Mathur

Founder & CEO

Rabimba Karanjai

Tech Speaker

Mehul Patel

Zimbra | Mozilla | Auth0
Tech Speaker

Ronak Gothi

Blockchain Engineer

Akshay Pilankar

Software Engineer


Asking questions is your right, and answering them our duty!

Whether you are new to the open source world or an experienced contributor, you will learn something new at Hackference. The DevRel Conference is designed in the form to help developers build communities and build strategies to strengthen their whole ecosystem. Being a DevRel Conference, top developer advocates from prominent organisations will be present bringing to you a great chance to interact and build connections alongside. This whole event is designed to educate new developers about the Open Source world and help existing contributors strengthen their outreach and explore more deeply into open source development.

The DevRel Conf features a keynote address projecting the power of a developer community. You will learn the need of Developer Advocate, the strategies around building a developer community, the state of the developer ecosystem, blockchain ecosystems, and more. You will also have opportunities to interact with the top developer advocates of prominent organisations from all over the world.

DelRel Conf registration gives you a chance to get selected to attend the developer relations conference of Hackference India 2018. After the registrations close, the selected participants will be informed through email, and would be given access to the Keynote, DevRel Conf Talks, as well as the Breakout Sessions. There will be lunch and refreshments provided.

Hackathon registration gives you a chance to get selected to attend the Hackathon and Hiring Fair held within Hackference India 2018. After the registrations close, the selected participants will be informed through email highlighting the further steps. There will be lunch and refreshments provided.

Upon completing the online registration process, if you're selected, you will be emailed a confirmation email with details from Hackference. If you have already selected (as on the portal) and can’t see this email, please check your junk mail folder.

You are not locked into the session and free to change and attend on the day depending on room capacity. Please note, registration does not guarantee a seat; we will be selecting the best participants to attend different events within Hackference.

Breakout sessions will be filled on a first come first seated basis. There is no need to pre-register.

Yes they will be made available on and communicated to you in the ‘Thank You’ email after the event. Please note that the slides will only be provided with the discretion of the presenting organisations.

Be respectful and considerate of your fellow hackers. We're all here to learn and have a good time. Everyone deserves the chance to hack free of the fear of being harrased. See the Hackference Guidelines for more details.

Of course there will be prizes although it isn’t all about winning but what you learn and build during those 24 hours. But don’t worry there will be a panel of judges that will select the three best hacks based on creativity, technical difficulty, design, and usefulness. Prizes for first, second and third place TBA. Sponsors also offer prizes for specific criteria, which they judge themselves. Also we are not giving any prize in the form of money. The best of the best will get hired and the projects will be given incubation support!

You can go to our skillenza portal where all the information is available about the application procedure.

Applications open at 26th October 2018, 21:00 IST

Applications close at 21st November 2018, 23:55 IST

Please bring a valid ID (any Photo ID), your hackathon ticket, a computer (preferably a laptop), chargers, and any hardware you will use for your hack. You can also bring a sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries, and a couple changes of clothes. Food will be provided at the event. No firearms, weapons, alcohol, or illegal drugs are allowed on event.

The teams are a maximum of 3 people. You can start off the event already with a team or you can meet with people at the event who also don’t have a team, don’t worry.

There will be some travel reimbursements for sure, we will communicate the details with the selected attendees. The details for the same will be communited through email.

It's absolutely free! There is no entry fee, Hackference will provide you with plenty of food, snacks, swag, and prizes throughout the 24 hours.

If there is something that is still not clear or we didn’t cover please contact us at or at twitter or facebook.


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Summing up, the goal of the weekend is to bring together community leaders, designers, developers, and other concerned citizens to create solutions that will help make a lasting social impact. So come, be a part of the revolution that we call HACKFERENCE.