Hackference 101

by Sanmaya Mohanty Featured, September 15th

Hackathons are taking the world by storm. They are changing the way we think about education, replacing career fairs, and producing hackers by the thousand. Best part: we are throwing one and we’ll show you how to be a part of it.

Hackference -- What's the hype all around it.

It's a deliquescent combination of Hackathon, DevRelConf and Hiring Fair, that serves to every kind of aspirations, be it a coder who gets driven by the sheer zeal of seeing his code in action or a programmer who is looking for his dream job (P.S Not a promise), Or a recruiter who wishes to find the right match for his dream team.

At Hackference we are bringing people from a multitude of organisations,educational backgrounds ,belonging to different stratas of society to constitute the Biggest Ever Open Source Hackathon the country has ever seen.

Why should you go ?

Here is a an overview:

Networking — This is a given. You will meet business people, companies, developers, designers, and plenty of rockstars (figuratively, of course 😊) at Hackference. Just force yourself to get out and meet at least a few people each time, you’ll never regret your time at a hack!

Job Opportunities- The collaboration between the companies and the employees generates great organizations, A employer will be able to witness the work of the foreseeable employees, and the you will be able to choose the track and companies you see fit. A win-win situation for both benefactors.

Confidence — It is surprisingly common that new developers think their skills are subpar and they won’t be able to make meaningful contributions to a team. Plenty of non-technical people are needed at these events and even people who want to code but only know HTML or CSS can help on a team. So get on a task and give a well deserved uplift to your confidence.

Tracks of Hackference-

Hackference has a total of nine tracks namely:

- Artificial Intelligence
- Blockchain
- Internet of Things
- Fintech
- Future Mobility
- Healthtech
- Machine Learning
- Edutech

So the event packs all the juice for all enthusiasts and whatever be your interest we have something on our tracks to keep you engaged.At the same time ensuring unbiased representation of all technological avenues.

Talking about Blockchain one of our premier tracks,Blockchain can be described append-only transaction ledger.

It basically means that the ledger can be written onto with new information, but the previous information, stored in blocks cannot be edited, adjusted or changed. This whole task is achieved using cryptography that links the content of the newly added blocks to the content of all the previous blocks.

Summing Up,The goal of the weekend is to bring together community leaders, designers, developers, and other concerned citizens to create solutions that will help make a lasting social impact. So come,Be a part of the revolution that we call HACKFERENCE.

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